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Photographs by Toni Allen
Fallow DeerCootsBirds in FlightWildlife ReflectionsReflections on the General's PondLandscapesDucksGullsSwansMoorhensFighting MallardsHoneybees & hover fliesDragonflies and DamselfliesWaves and WaterNatural BeautyReflections - Painting with LightYellowhammer - Emberiza citrinellaFunfairPeregrine FalconChaffinchTreesWheatearChurches and Stained Glass WindowsBike PhotosSaving Anna's Dorset - Saving Anna book 2 in the Jake Talbot Investigates seriesElstead Boardwalk

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Reflections on the General's Pond - I just can't take my eyes of those pictures :)
Great Job. Very nice pics
An art that is drawn through the eyes of the camera. And the one who captured is the creator. A unique approach to the photography. And you have successfully made it my friend. Those reflections are like paintings. Beauty.
Jo Parker(non-registered)
Is there no end to your talent?
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