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The General's Pond is a beautifully tranquil spot hidden away in the Surrey Countryside. It's magic. Even on overcast days the trees and foliage draw stunning patterns on the clear water. I go there as often as possible, and photograph the shapes, colours and patterns.

All of these photographs are straight from camera and processed in Photoshop. NO special effects are added.
04-11-13 Reflection No122-09-14 Reflection No104-11-13 Reflection No204-11-13 Reflection No304-11-13 Reflection No404-11-13 Refelction No504-11-13 Reflection No704-11-13 Reflection No611-03-15 Reflection No104-05-1311-03-15 Reflection No216-03-14 Dried grass reflection no211-03-15 Reflection No401-03-14 Clouds16-03-14 Reflected trees in bright sunshine16-03-14 Dried grass reflection No1Standing AloneStanding Together31-08-14 Green Grass Reflection31-08-14 Tall Grass