Toni Allen Photography: Blog en-us (C) Toni Allen Photography (Toni Allen Photography) Tue, 24 Mar 2015 00:14:00 GMT Tue, 24 Mar 2015 00:14:00 GMT First Steps to Recovery, Reflections on the General's Pond Being unable to take as many photos as I’d like to right now, one of my first decisions has been to go through my back catalogue and process some of the many images that I’ve always intended to display. Yeah, I know, it takes a death defeating crisis to get round to these things!


Tree ReflectionsTree ReflectionsOne of the first photos I took of the reflections of the General's Pond. You'll find this image in my Reflections collection. One of my favourite local beauty spots is Puttenham Common. If you walk up past the main ponds you’ll come across a smaller body of water called the General’s Pond. For the past couple of years I’ve taken a liking to going up there as often as possible to photograph the reflections. The pond is almost entirely surrounded by trees, as well as grasses, a few shrubs and bracken. Often the light quality is superb, offering crisp colours, something that more open pond spaces don’t always offer due to extraneous light glancing off their water.


When I first discovered the General’s Pond I tried photographing the entire panorama, and whole tree reflections. For me, photography is always about a subject hooking me in, drawin 04-11-13 Reflection No704-11-13 Reflection No7This shot was taken in late autumn, the dried bracken creating that rich peachy red across the top of the photo. g my eye to the composition. The more photographs I took, the more I wanted to go in to the detail, the colours and shapes painted on the water. I started to forget about the trees, grasses and bracken, and began to see only the patterns.


This is my collection of abstract photos taken at the General’s Pond. I’m adding more as I pick out the best of the bunch. Most of these were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX50 and then my Canon PowerShot SX60.


I’ve now managed to walk up as far as the pond twice since my heart attack, once with my SX60 and once with my new Olympus OMD E-M1 (More about the new kit later). Neither photo shoot has been particularly successful, partly due to wind on the water, and partly due to my physical weakness and an inability to hold even a really good image stabilised camera steady for a 40th second. Things will improve!

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